Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting
June 27-29, 2023 at The Grove Hotel

Advances in Salmonid Genetics

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission are hosting the Coastwide Salmonid Genetic Conference (CSGC) in Boise, Idaho June 27th – 29th. The CSGC has been a biennial conference since 1984. The goals of the conference are to exchange information in the field of salmonid genetics. Scientific advancements discussed at this year’s conference are diverse, including:

1. Mixed stock analyses and parentage-based tagging with genetic markers

2. Phylogenomic studies testing relationships among taxa

3. Assembly of novel genome assemblies and pangenomes

4. Identification and validation of adaptive variation from whole genome/genome-wide approaches

5. Applications of eDNA and metabarcoding

A special issue devoted to papers presented at this meeting will be published in Evolutionary Applications. Click here for more information.

The Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting found a new home in 2018 with the American Fisheries Society (AFS) Genetics Section. The American Fisheries Society is committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Society, as well as the fisheries profession at-large. For more information please go to

Bear Valley Rafting

Following the meeting there will be a guided ~3 hour rafting trip on the main Payette River (available as an add-on).


The meeting will be at The Grove Hotel, Idaho’s Cosmopolitan Capital.

Abstract Submission

Submissions must be received by May 14, 2023.

Student Travel Awards

Sponsors have enabled us to provide 4 student travel scholarships ($500) for the 2023 Coastwide Salmonid Genetics meeting in Boise, ID.

Meeting Hosts


Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting

June 27-29, 2023 at The Grove Hotel